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Highlights of Berlitz Business Communication School:

  1. Teaching in business English throughout, stress differences between “business” and “everyday” English in terms of applications and communication.
  2. Introduce MBA case studies of Harvard Business School, emphasize the ability to think independently and communicate properly.
  3. With regard to the teaching process design, BBCS employs role playing to train on communication skills in simulated business scenarios, and also teach students to work as a team.
  4. All BBCS instructors hold a MBA/Master’s or equivalent degree and many years’ international business experience.
  5. Assist students in understanding problems about cross-cultural communication in multinational corporations and overcoming language and non-language barriers to communication.
  6. Develop short-term or long-term training courses in line with specific training objectives of businesses, and conduct long-term, ongoing assessments.


Berlitz Business Communications School (BBCS) includes:

  1. Ability to successfully chair, participate in and communicate at international business workshops
  2. Skills to make convincing presentations in business English
  3. Skills and strategies to win international business negotiations
  4. Ability to write in business English concisely, accurately and completely
  5. Ability to communicate and respond at international teleconferences
  6. Western logic of thinking and communication habits
  7. Global leadership and coaching skills of executives
  8. Ability to convince others in business English
  9. Addressing other barriers to communication

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