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Excellent Instructors

What Berlitz emphasizes most is ensuring the teaching quality of instructors. With a broad presence in 73 countries across Asia, North, Middle and South America and Europe, Berlitz has 8,700 professional instructors worldwide teaching English and many other major languages. At Berlitz, each instructor has been strictly selected to international standards and trained by the quality control team of its US headquarters.

Each language instructor will receive training on the unique instruction methods of Berlitz and pass the Berlitz Instructor Training (BIT) before beginning to teach. BIT is a comprehensive program that integrates the latest teaching techniques, theories and applications. BIT will be regularly updated by the training and R&D team of Berlitz. Instructor training not only includes teaching theories, but also involves use of real Berlitz textbooks

High-quality textbooks:

Always dedicated to providing high-quality textbooks to students, Berlitz works with trusted institutions to develop textbooks, taking into account students’ feedback, to introduce more innovative, flexible and practical customized textbooks with a view of meeting the needs of clients.

Berlitz provides training in over 50 languages with more than 100 textbooks.
It has launched multimedia materials and language learning websites in recent years to offer more options that match needs and interests of students.


All English textbooks of Berlitz are globally applied ones developed by its US headquarters and many famous institutions through years. Based on the unique Berlitz Method®, these textbooks derives from in-depth investigations into students’ needs, modes and habits of learning and instructors’ teaching experience. They are well-targeted and very useful. At the core are natural conversations on which “teaching” and “learning” build. The interaction between instructors and students based on textbooks helps students to think and speak in target languages and improve their ability to use new languages.


Berlitz Textbooks in Non-English Languages

Berlitz is always dedicated to providing high-quality textbooks for students. Feedback from students and experience of instructors are incorporated to produce innovative, up-to-date textbooks of higher quality. After century-long explorations, Berlitz has independently developed more than 100 textbooks in over 30 languages. In recent years, sophisticated technologies are used to launch multimedia materials, language learning websites and online courses to train students in listening, speaking, reading and writing more effectively.