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Childhood is the easiest time to learn a foreign language. They naturally immerse themselves in the new language. The earlier children start to learn, the more likely they are to speak without an accent. With Berlitz, kids and teens can have fun, too.

Language instruction benefits kids and teens

  • It encourages intellectual development
  • It aids understanding of the native language
  • It lays a foundation for appreciating other cultures
  • It provides a sound basis for language learning at school
  • It improves job opportunities in many fields.

Berlitz supports your child’s success

Berlitz offers several options for your child to learn a new language. All are taught by highly trained, native-fluent speakers who are experienced with and enjoy teaching young people. Programs group children of similar ages, who learn while playing and participating in other activities. Options range from kids & teens camps and after-school programs to personalized private tutoring, as well as the Berlitz Virtual Classroom.

Berlitz Jr. provides language programs and curriculum developed specifically for schools and teachers.



Berlitz Kids

Berlitz programs for kids and teens are all delivered by native-speaking instructors. A variety of interactive instruction activities are in place to make language learning easy interesting and stimulate children’s motivation…

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Value to Parents and Children

We design courses and multimedia materials suitable for ages, backgrounds and progress of different children to meet their individual needs and improve their learning efficiency…

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