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Berlitz creates limitless service value to 12,000 corporate clients worldwide based on its training services oriented to clients’ value, in-depth understanding of businesses’ operational strategy, current status and needs, high-quality and diverse instruction module options, customization capability, global resources and high-caliber instructors.

Berlitz advantages in corporate training:

Advantage 1

Tailored training services to offer businesses Cost-effective training solutions


Advantage 2

Global resources: Berlitz has over 550 language centers in more than 70 countries

Berlitz is the largest language and cross-cultural training organization worldwide. With its global network of over 550 language centers in more than 70 countries, Berlitz meets the needs of different multinational corporations sending employees overseas or connecting domestic and overseas training programs for expatriated executives.

Advantage 3

Proven instructors: Strictly screened instructors and global quality management system to ensure quality instruction

Berlitz adheres to strict, high standards of assessment and screening to ensure the quality of instructors hired. Synchronous quality control is applied to instructor teams worldwide using the global quality management system. In addition, continuing instructor training is conducted to ensure all language centers worldwide serve students to the highest level with improving competencies and training quality.