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Cultural orientation training can help employees and managers develop the skills they need to work and lead in a global business environment. The program is based on a Cultural Orientations Model, which provides a systematic approach to understanding cultural differences. It explores national cultural profiles as well as other cultures - family, corporate - that influence an individual’s thinking and behavior. With this knowledge, employees can strengthen credibility, communication, relationships and collaboration.


Cultral Consulting and Global Leadership Training

Whether you are interested in an off-the-shelf web-based solution or a fully customizable program, TMC solutions help clients:

  • Gain valuable awareness into cultural difference at all levels using a validated cultural model and assessment framework
  • Focus on key cultural “gaps” that highlight potential performance risks and explore solutions for mitigating these risks
  • Explore specific societal and national culture paradigms to improve effectiveness in these markets
  • Improve team effectiveness and communication
  • Apply culturally relevant solutions to key talent management issues
  • Drive organizational change through a holistic understanding of organizational culture

TMC provides specific, blended, scalable programs to help clients:

  • Improve awareness of key talent management issues and opportunities across cultures
  • Focus on key cultural “gaps” that pose potential risks to effective management of talent on a global scale
  • Focus leaders and managers on their own cultural orientations and behaviors that directly impact management of talent within their spheres of influence
  • Learn and practice effective techniques and skills (conflict management, feedback, motivation) for managing talent across cultural boundaries.


Berlitz Cultural Business Seminars

Berlitz Cultural Business Seminars help business professionals develop the cross-cultural communications skills and perspectives they need to succeed in a global environment. Executives learn strategies, techniques, and approaches to effectively lead in international business situations and achieve a high level of global competency in problem solving, decision-making, and knowledge management.


Berlitz International Assignment programs

Berlitz International Assignment programs, delivered in over 70 countries, are uniquely designed to support the successful transition for assignees and their families by providing them with a deeper understanding of the target country’s cultural values, beliefs, and behaviors and a working knowledge of business/social protocol. We help your employees minimize culture shock, adjust to a new culture and develop communication skills necessary to be effective in the global workplace.