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Italian is considered by many to be the most beautiful of the world’s languages. As the transmitter of the great culture of the Renaissance, its influence on the other languages of Western Europe has been profound. Besides being spoken in Italy, it is one of the four official languages of Switzerland, and is also widely spoken in the United States, Canada, Argentina, and Brazil. All told, there are about 60 million speakers.

Italian is one of the Romance languages, and has remained closer to the original Latin than any of the others. Its dialects, however, vary tremendously, often to the point where communication becomes a problem. The literary standard came into being in the 14th century, largely through Dante’s Divine Comedy and the works of Petrarch and Boccaccio. Since these eminent authors chiefly used the dialect of Tuscany (especially Florentine), modern literary Italian is essentially Tuscan. In modern times the dialect of Rome has gained considerable prestige, but it has still failed to eclipse the Florentine standard.


With a rich cultural heritage, Italian is widely known as the most passionate, artistic language in the world. It manifests music-like rhythms and varying grammar, and Italian speakers often use many body languages when they talk. Therefore, learning Italian requires an insight into the unique German style and culture in addition to a strong passion for learning. With over a century of experience in language teaching, Berlitz offers you professional, native-speaking Italian instructors who have been strictly trained in the Berlitz Method®. Native-fluent teachers at Berlitz create a comfortable. pleasant atmosphere by combining lively, humorous classes with abundant gestures and facial expressions and employing an interesting, scenario-based and conversational approach to language teaching. We guide you through the Italian culture, arts, music, foods and fashion and help you thoroughly understand the essences of the Italian language!

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