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Berlitz Test of Listening & Reading Skills

Berlitz offers a variety of professional language assessment and testing services, including oral examinations and online testing for five languages, as well as an online business-related English proficiency test. Whether you are evaluating prospective candidates or setting up training programs for professionals, Berlitz’s standardized language proficiency testing can help you accurately measure their language proficiency.

  • Listening Comprehension
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Integrated Comprehension
  • Grammatical Accuracy
  • Breadth of Vocabulary

Because the test is administered online, it can be taken be taken anywhere where there is a broadband connection.

Berlitz Online Proficiency Tests (BOPT)

The Berlitz Online Proficiency Test assesses an individual’s ability to communicate in a work-related or academic environment. The test is available in several languages, delivering meaningful results in relation to listening and reading abilities.

The test is available in:

● English ● German ● Spanish ● Italian ● French

Based on your company’s needs, Berlitz provides different testing products to your employees. The Berlitz Rater can assess oral communicative ability of employees or applicants in a workplace environment in the areas of fluency, grammatical accuracy, linguistic range, and phonological control. The Berlitz Online Proficiency Tests (BOPT) can assess an individual’s listening and reading skills. This 90-minute test can be taken at your site or at a Berlitz Language Center. Results are available immediately.

Global Test of English Communication (GTEC)

The Global Test of English Communication (GTEC) is designed to accurately measure genuine English proficiency for today’s business environment. Developed thoughtfully by specialized research organizations in the US and the UK and examined through global field testing, the GTEC was created with sophisticated technology and an “Item Response Theory” to quickly and accurately measure English proficiency online. Test results provide valuable information about one’s ability to communicate in English in a business environment according to individual language skills.