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Berlitz Online Learning means using different media to reach the learner: Internet, telephone, e-mail, videos, mobile phone applications, podcasts, social networks, and more. Berlitz Online Learning goes beyond all of this. Our Synchronized Blend automatically monitors the trainee’s progress in order to present the right media at the right time.

The learner receives a daily lesson via e-mail, jumps into a virtual classroom, and works on customized online exercises with CyberTeachers Corporate at any time of the day. A private native teacher allows the trainee to practice what he has learned over the phone.

tl_files/contents/berlitz_contents/training-courses/online-courses/mbl-en-1.jpg Berlitz Online Learning contains Online Assessment Test, Individual Phone Classes, Virtual Group Classes, E-learning and Progress Report.
tl_files/contents/berlitz_contents/training-courses/online-courses/mbl-en-2.jpg Berlitz Online Learning involves: Online Audit, Personalized Program Content, Quality Questionnaire and Retest.

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Berlitz Virtual Classroom®
To fit today’s hectic schedules; Berlitz offers a choice of three different Web-based language programs that feature live online learning. Both programs combine the power of the proven-effective Berlitz Method® with leading-edge information technology so you learn to speak, listen and think in your new language quickly and easily.

The Berlitz® Virtual Classroom (BVC) features interactive

instructor-led live learning via the Internet. Our certified Berlitz instructors use the same proven Berlitz Method and materials that we use in our face-to-face instruction. Plus, you can record each BVC session for review on your computer or MP3 player. This is NOT a CD-ROM or self-study program that relies on self-motivation.