Berlitz Corporation Acquires Second Language Testing, Inc.


Berlitz Corporation today announced its acquisition of Second Language Testing, Inc. (SLTI) which specializes in second language test development.

SLTI has strong, long-standing relationships with major commercial testing companies, federal and state governments, and colleges and universities. SLTI provides an optimal complement to Berlitz’s strengths in language instruction. The acquisition will provide global and financial resources to leverage SLTI’s expertise and allow Berlitz to provide value-added, customized tests in addition to conventional language testing programs to corporate, government and education clients.

The market for second language testing has grown substantially in recent years. The U.S. Federal government and its agencies conduct language proficiency assessments and administer speaking, reading and listening proficiency tests in over 100 languages. SLTI develops tests of language proficiency and related skills, such as translation and interpretation.

“Test development is an extension of the services Berlitz provides to our clients and is a key competency which adds value to our overall business and government offerings”, said Yukako Uchinaga, Chairman of the Board, CEO and President, Berlitz Corporation. “We customize language content to meet industry-specific vocabulary requirements and create specific practice scenarios that are directly aligned with the client’s business environment,” Ms. Uchinaga added.

Ms. Uchinaga continued, “The same is true for our cultural intelligence and diversity programs. Our solutions are configured and customized based on the client’s need so they can achieve their specific goals. Integrating SLTI’s capabilities with the Berlitz portfolio enhances our ability to measure the success of our programs.”

“The acquisition of SLTI will open up new opportunities for our staff,” said Dr. Charles Stansfield, founder and president of SLTI. “We can draw upon Berlitz’s worldwide network of language educators to assist us in our test development work. Similarly, we can assist Berlitz by meeting the test development needs of its clients around the world.”

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