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Over a three day period of introductory Spanish Immersion, the Instructor, Cesar, was wonderfully persistent in a quiet but exacting way, making sure that I understood and spoke the language without having to stop and think too much!

My goal was to be able to greet and get to know my Spanish speaking neighbors and colleagues. The result was just what I had hoped for! Now, people smile when I greet them in Spanish, and will not only respond, but will also participate in my continued learning, offering new phrases or alternate ways to say the same thing. Additionally, I am getting to know more about Colombia, Honduras, El Salvador and Chile!

Thank you Berlitz and Cesar!

Carol B. Purdy

I started working for a Spanish pharmaceutical company in Los Angeles several years ago and realized very quickly that being able to speak Spanish so that I could participate in meetings in Spanish would be a real advantage.

I found Berlitz in Pasadena and I found friendly people, professional advice and great teachers. Don't make a mistake: Learning a new language still takes lot of work by yourself, but thanks to a motivating atmosphere and the emphasis on speaking from day one, I did not shy away from the extra homework and I was able to participate in meetings at my work place that were held in Spanish within less than a year. My colleagues would not believe that I had only started to study Spanish when I had started to work for the company.

I've moved on since to a new professional opportunity, but I still miss my "Berlitz family" and my weekly lessons. And I still try to speak Spanish whenever I have an opportunity.

Dr. Claus Weisemann
Durham, Connecticut

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful Immersion Training experience learning Latin American Spanish that I experienced at Berlitz in Odenton the week of July 25th.

My positive experience began with my first call to Betty back in June. From the first contact, I was treated professionally, let warmly, with all my questions answered and all my needs being met. When you learned that I needed to reschedule due to a friend's major surgery, you were extremely flexible. In advance of my arrival, Betty checked dietary restrictions and ensured I had a parking space all week, along with a healthy lunch and sweet treats to keep my energy up. Maria greeted me warmly day one and met with me every day to ensure that the lessons were progressing according to plan, and provided feedback and encouragement to keep me engaged and motivated. And every day, each of you and Sarah checked in on the progress of my friend's recovery. My entire week at Berlitz, I felt like more than a client, instead, I felt like an extended family member.

Both Pamela and Juan were great teachers, with Pamela especially pushing me beyond my comfort level to increase my skills and to provide me with feedback and support every step of the way. They both showed interest in me as a person, not just a client, which helped increase my level of confidence each day.

While I wasn't unhappy to end my intense week of training, I knew I would miss the family atmosphere that fostered learning and skill building. It was a true pleasure spending a week immersed in Latin American Spanish with all of you, and I hope to have the opportunity to take another class at Berlitz Odenton in the future. I will recommend Berlitz Odenton to others and you should feel free to share this recommendation as you see fit.

Cheryl W.
Baltimore, Maryland

 I started taking private Spanish classes at Berlitz when I was 16 years old. On my first day I could barely say hello or introduce myself and was so nervous.

To my surprise, after the first couple of sessions, which were really fun, I was able to converse with my teacher and express myself with confidence. After spending two years at Berlitz I can say that I am completely fluent and can travel to any Spanish speaking country communicating perfectly with anyone and everyone. I think what made my experience at Berlitz so great was the wonderful teacher who worked with me. She was so much fun and integrated topics that a teenager, like myself, would be interested in discussing. She created a really fun and exciting environment which made every class session something I looked forward to. Berlitz is staffed with great teachers who want to see you achieve your language goals and they do so by creating a relaxing conversational environment. Today, I continually study Spanish at Berlitz and have enrolled in Mandarin classes. I have no doubt that the Berlitz program will help me to maintain my Spanish fluency and support me in becoming fluent in Mandarin. Berlitz is a great place for anyone who wants to learn and have fun at the same time!

Maurae Baker
Pasadena, California

 I enjoyed so much studying english at Berlitz. My teachers were excellent and the staff also. I could improve my conversation in a confortable place. I recommend Berlitz to other students.

Marcelo Cerdá

 I studied French many years ago in High School. I loved it passionately, and always wanted to pick up my studies again, but 4 children and life kind of got in the way.

When my daughter, who is a French major in college, decided to study abroad in Paris, I decided it was time for me to pick up my dusty old dream and take French. I turned to Berlitz in Palo Alto, and it was a perfect choice for me. I started the day after my daughter left for Paris. I studied intensely for a year, making several trips to France to tune up my language skills. I adore Berlitz, I adore my French "profs", and my French language skills have developed tremendously. I have worked hard, but have progress through level eight, and enjoyed every minute of it. Now, I have a great feeling of accomplishment, as well as a new and clearer vision of a culture and language that has enriched my life immeasureabley. I love Berlitz, and I love my French. Thanks to Berlitz for bringing such a gift into my life.

Julie Nelson
Atherton, CA

When I learned that I would be relocating to French-speaking Switzerland for work, I came to Berlitz with the goal of helping me elevate the level of my oral and written business-French.

Within a period of three short months, I gained a level of confidence and comfort speaking French that proved absolutely critical after my arrival. My instructor was both patient and persistent, helping me learn important phrases, constructions, and vocabulary that would impress colleagues and clients. The individualized attention of the private classes proved indispensible for my success and the bond I formed with my instructor made the classes not only productive, but fun. Though skeptical about how much I would learn in only three months, I left feeling amazing and reached a moment during the final weeks where everything just “clicked.” Now settled into my new position, the notes from my classes, the workbooks, and CDs still come in handy, though I greatly miss the conversation and camaraderie with my instructor.

Marc Destito
Washington, District of Columbia