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Q:Why should I choose to learn a foreign language at Berlitz?

Berlitz is the world’s largest leading education brand. We bring to China our resources and network covering over 70 countries, century-long teaching experience and practices, the efficient Berlitz Method® featuring teaching only in the target language and high-quality instruction through a consistent global management system. At Berlitz, we not only teach you to “speak” a new language, but also help you improve the language and cross-cultural communication skills and achieve higher objectives through a complete set of international business training courses, a diversity of teaching methods and a variety of languages.

Q:Can I learn a language quickly and efficiently at Berlitz?

Berlitz Method® teaches only in the target language. Regardless of your levels, you will communicate only in the target language from the very beginning when first meeting your instructors. Our native-fluent foreign instructors deliver courses in the target language by role playing and other methods and frequently repeat grammar and vocabulary by combining textbooks with everyday life applications. This approach enables you to learn a foreign language naturally when complicated grammar become the “conditioned reflex” in your minds. This instruction method, proven through more than 130 years of language training, will help you acquire a new language easily, quickly and efficiently as you learn a native language.

Q:How well are Berlitz instructors qualified?

Berlitz hires every language instructor to a strict high standard of assessment. All Berlitz instructors have passed rigorous selection procedures to ensure the quality of our teaching staff. Native fluency is the minimum requirement for all instructors. In particular, all English instructors have been certified for Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and passed at least two interviews, Berlitz Instructor Training (BIT) and Berlitz Method® test before they are hired. In the teaching process, we control quality of instructors through a global quality management system and ensure global consistency of teaching quality through ongoing instructor training.

Q:What is Berlitz Method®?

At the core of Berlitz Method® is the conversational approach to teaching in the target language. Students communicate only in the target language from the very beginning and are trained to think in the way native speakers do. Well trained foreign instructors, by connecting textbooks with real-life applications, encourage students to take the initiative and explore proactively using the inductive approach to instruction, and help them learn grammar and vocabulary during conversations in a natural way as they learned their native languages.

Q:What training programs are available at Berlitz?

Before you choose the appropriate courses, Berlitz instructors will ask you to take a free level test. Our curriculum consultants will recommend the most appropriate courses to you according to your target language level, needs, purposes and expectations.

Our diverse courses include training in multiple language, business English communication and cross-cultural communication. More specifically, language training services Berlitz offers include the following:

Total Immersion® is a unique full-time, one-to-one enhancement program of Berlitz that gets you fully immersed in language learning. It is the fastest, most intensive and most efficient approach to learning.

  • “Private Instruction” is a one-to-one VIP program tailored to your individual needs, and you have the discretion over scheduling of courses. It is the best solution for busy businessmen or those who wish to make a great progress in language learning over a short time.
  • “Small Group Instruction” is a program where students learn in groups of two to four on a predefined schedule. Students at different levels may practice through dialogues. The small size of groups provides a combination of adequate individual instruction and shared cost.
  • Berlitz Virtual Classroom® is an innovative, Internet-based approach to remote instruction. You can receive courses anywhere, anytime in a face-to-face manner that delivers the same quality as you can receive in face-to-face programs available at physical language centers. This solution saves your time by cutting commuting to and from language centers, and also stimulates you to develop better listening and articulation skills.
  • eBerliz is a web-based, self-directed program that includes professional tutoring services. In a one-year eBerliz curriculum, professional instructors are available to answer your questions in addition to 10-level, 4,000-hour courses and unlimited access to multimedia materials.

Q:What is the time span of training at Berlitz?

Berlitz splits programs into 45-minute course units. Each level generally consists of 50-60 classes. If you choose Total Immersion®, you can complete a level after five-day intensive training. In the case of private or small group instruction, you may complete a level in one to two months. For the best results, students at Berlitz often apply for two or more semesters of curriculum and finish training within half a year. Of course, quite a few students choose to learn even longer at Berlitz. Some of them have learnt at Berlitz for more than one year, and enjoy every minute of language learning here.

Q:What makes Berlitz different from other training organizations?

Berlitz is broadly recognized as the world’s best language training service provider. It is distinguished from competitors by the award-winning, proven Berlitz Method®, 100% strictly selected and trained native-fluent instructors, a wide spectrum of languages taught and the diversity of instruction materials and methods.

Q:What is Berlitz Business Communications School (BBCS)?

The intense competition today requires more than English language skills. Berlitz Business Communications School (BBCS) is designed for students who have a good English language background and wish to express their ideas accurately and effectively or persuade others at formal business occasions. Based on business English instruction, the program systematically teaches modern business skills and help students effectively attend and chair meetings, make professional and convincing business presentations, win business negotiations through effective use of language, improve English communication and coaching skills and break other barriers to communication.

Q:Can I have a private instructor when trained at Berlitz?

Language training at Berlitz emphasizes the use of the target language alone in learning and teaching. Role playing and scene simulation are employed to increase interaction and communication between students and instructors. To enrich your experience in communicating in foreign languages, it is very important to make sure that you are prepared to use your new language in the real world where one is surrounded by different people, speaking in different ways, with different accents. So Berlitz encourages rotation of teachers other than selection of a single, private instructor.

Q:What if I am expatriated to an overseas location midway or have to drop out due to unexpected circumstances?

Berlitz has over 550 language centers in more than 70 countries. If you emigrate or work overseas, we can transfer you to a local language center in the country of destination. As we maintain a consistent global standard for textbooks and teaching systems, you can continue to learn your courses overseas (tuition is subject to adjustments due to different price levels across countries). If you wish to terminate training for other reasons, Berlitz have different refunding policies and limitations for different programs. Please refer to your language center for details.

Q:Do you dispatch teachers to my community/company if it is in need of on-site language training?

Apart from language centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other major cities in China, Berlitz also provides on-site training services upon request in different regions. We have many examples of dispatching instructors to communities for kids and adults training customized to clients’ needs, or dispatching instructors to companies for diverse training in languages, business communication skills and cross-cultural communication (dispatched instructors will deliver courses on a fixed schedule). Please call us for details!